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All Gateway EMT Students Pass Exam

Gateway Community & Technical College announced this week that all of its paramedic students passed their National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) cognitive and psychomotor exams.

There were sixteen students in the class.

The National Registry Paramedic (NRP) cognitive exam takes two hours and 30 minutes with 80 to 150 questions covering the entire spectrum of EMS care. To pass the exam, candidates must meet a standard level of competency, defined by the ability to provide safe and effective entry level emergency medical care.

The psychomotor exam is administered by NREMT and candidates are tested on six skills: Patient Assessment: Trauma, Dynamic Cardiology, Static Cardiology, Oral Station Case A, Oral Station Case B, and an Integrated Out-Of-Hospital Scenario.

Gateway’s paramedic program begins in August and finishes in twelve months.

The 100% pass rate for the most recent class is higher than previous years. In 2017, 95% passed, while in 2018 the rate was 95.5%, and in 2019, it was 94.7%.

Since the program’s inception in 2015, Gateway has seen 149 graduates. 

-Staff report

Photo: Timothy Bailey, Anthony Basso, Holly Bowman, Danielle Eilerman, Kyle Evans, Amanda Lundergreen, Madelyn Mann, Adam McElhaney, Corey Pelle, Charles Riley, Derek Slucher, Derek Tengowski, Aaron Tolley, Courtney Vance, Heather Waldron, and Amie Wilhoite (Provided)