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Gentry Named Social Communication Instructor at the Point/Arc's ZEC

The Point/Arc Zembrodt Education Center (ZEC) named Laura Gentry as social communication instructor.

In the hire, ZEC Director of Education Brandon Releford has placed his former mentor in the position.

“I worked in her classroom while I was an undergraduate,” Releford said, “and I reached out to Laura for this position. I just felt like it was the perfect fit with her education and experience.”

Gentry, 63, has been a special education middle school teacher for close to 30 years in Northern Kentucky.

“When Brandon called me,” she said, “I thought joining the Point/Arc’s ZEC would be a tremendous opportunity not only for me to grow, but to help the ZEC expand and reach more people.”

The Cincinnati resident will be working with and teaching individuals and small groups from school-age to adults.

“I’ll be teaching social skills, hygiene, how to properly meet and greet people as well as helping them function in the community,” said the University of Cincinnati graduate who earned her master's in education at Northern Kentucky University.

Gentry says she’ll involve her students in both social and leisure-time activities.

“My biggest challenge,” said the Seton High School alum, “will be to identify, monitor and, of course report on student goals as well as their achievements.”

The ZEC will open its doors for the 2021-22 instructional year, Thursday, August 26. This will be the ZEC’s first full year of instruction. It was closed a year-ago because of the pandemic.

The Dr. Anthony and Geraldine Zembrodt Education Center – founded in 2019 – allows The Point/Arc to consolidate all five educational programs under one roof and to double the amount of individuals served.

“We strive to help all our individuals become contributing members of our community,” said Judi Gerding, Founder and President of The Point/Arc. “With guidance and support, our individual’s talents are reinforced while shaping their future and preparing them for a life filled with independence, pride and confidence as they live their life and explore their dreams,” she said. “The Dr. Anthony and Geraldine Zembrodt Education Center allows us to continue on this mission and more than double the amount of individuals we currently serve.”

-Staff report