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Covington Latin School Receives Cognia Accreditation

Covington Latin School received the Cognia education accreditation, awarded only to schools that demonstrate the highest of educational standards by providing students with the plethora of opportunities knowledge brings, a news release said. 

Cognia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally, making them the largest educational accreditation system in the world.

“Achieving Cognia accreditation and certification is a major step toward defining our universal culture of learning. We have to practice what we preach by demonstrating that education starts at the top and that the better we become as a learning institution the more successful we will become at increasing our students’ achievements,” said Dr. John P. Kennedy, headmaster of Covington Latin School.

Working with Cognia provided Covington Latin School with a third-party evaluation of the success and potential of the institution, a news release said. 

Cognia commended the school for achieving the highest of standards that positively affect student learning in the pursuit of excellence. At completion of the rigorous evaluation, Cognia defined Covington Latin School as an “Impacting School” and awarded the institution full accreditation and certification. 

The detailed assessment referenced CLS as:\

“A school that fosters a culture of excellence and belonging with an emphasis on the dignity and goodness of each person.”

In celebration of this international mark of quality, leadership at Covington Latin School is utilizing the evaluation to develop a progress plan rooted in continuous improvement, a news release said. 

Research from the National Education Association shows that student learning is influenced more profoundly by the quality of the teachers than by any other school factor. As such, a primary directive of the Covington Latin continuous improvement plan is to invest in the professional development of their teachers to support and nurture these educators. 

The professional development portion of the Covington Latin School’s improvement plan will extend across the entire school year. The program has commenced with the first professional development topic focused on the success of the school’s mission:

August – September: Giftedness and Twice Exceptionality

October – November: Leadership and Communication Strategies

The remainder of the plan’s content will be determined by compiling further conversations with the educators, reviewing institutional best practices for a classical curriculum and implementing final determinations from the Cognia review. 

The overarching objective is to enable instructors to be even more successful at fulfilling the school’s mission of educating the diverse student body to achieve their full potential.  

“Receiving the Cognia accreditation demonstrates to our students, parents, teachers, staff, and community that we are one of the very best educational institutions,” said Dr. Kevin Reynolds, board chair at Covington Latin School. “Now the game plan is to build upon this success and continue to develop diverse learning processes that personalize opportunities for students on a customized pace and challenge these students to excel against their individual standards, bettering us all.”

The Cognia Accreditation is one of the many achievements and recognitions Covington Latin School has received in the past five months. The school was also named Best School Spirit by Northern Kentucky Magazine, awarded Most Caring School by Luxlife, listed as one of the Best Workplaces in NKY by Cincy Magazine, and recognized as the Best Private School in the Greater Cincinnati Region by Cincinnati Family Choice Awards.

-Staff report