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KDE to Reimburse Public Schools for Incentives for Vaccinated Employees

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) will use up to $8.8 million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds to provide reimbursements to districts that have rewarded and acknowledged the time, energy and effort staff members took to get vaccinated, the department announced on Friday. 

All full- and part-time employees of public school districts are eligible for a one-time vaccination incentive payment of $100 after being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This reimbursement is for employees who previously have been vaccinated, as well as those who have received their full vaccinations by Dec. 1, the department said. 

There will be enough funding to reimburse districts for approximately 88,000 local school district staff.

“Getting people vaccinated is one of the main ways we’re going to be able to get out of this pandemic and get back into our classrooms as usual,” said Commissioner of Education Jason E. Glass. “We hope this will encourage people to get vaccinated in order to protect their students, colleagues and themselves.”

Districts must pay employees first in order to receive reimbursement from KDE. Districts are strongly encouraged to consider providing additional funds that match the amount provided as reimbursement by KDE, but a financial match is not required for participation, the department said.

-Staff report