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Significant Contributions Announced in Purple People Bridge Repair Effort

The effort to repair the Purple People Bridge received significant contributions, it was announced on Monday.

The Covington-based Devou Good Foundation is donating $154,000 while the John and Sue Topits Foundation announced a $100,000 matching grant towards the bridge repair project.

The Purple People Bridge, which spans the Ohio River between Newport and Covington, is privately owned and operated by the Newport Southbank Bridge Company. It is a former railroad bridge that is now strictly used by pedestrians.

The bridge was closed in may after stones from the Cincinnati side of the bridge fell into the Ohio River. Most of the bridge has reopened to pedestrians as of July 1, but the northernmost portion is still closed.

The short-term repair will help bring the bridge back into commission for pedestrians and cyclists while enhancing transportation connectivity and vitality to both sides of the Ohio River, said Newport Southbank Bridge Company President Will Weber. 

"The Purple People Bridge is our region's most comfortable and accessible connection between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky," said Wade Johnston of Tri-State Trails, a Devou Good Foundation-supported organization with a mission of connecting people and places through a regional trail and bike network. 

"This critical investment from the Devou Good Foundation will ensure that the bridge is quickly reopened for all to enjoy for transportation, recreation, and commerce," Johnston said. 

The Topits Foundation, meanwhile, will match all other contributions up to a total of $100,000. This matching grant is available until September 30. 

"The commitment to the community and the generosity from the Devou Good Foundation and The John and Sue Topits Foundation is truly inspiring and will help ensure that the Bridge reopens fully in a timely manner for all to enjoy once again," Weber said.  

The Bridge Company continues to work with the engineering firm of WSP USA on plans to repair and fully reopen the pedestrian bridge, including the scope and cost of the repairs. Details of the repairs and the construction timeline will be announced soon, a news release said.