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Urban Living Tour Returns to Covington with Focus on Old Seminary Square, Westside

Beyond the Curb returns with in-person tours of urban living in Northern Kentucky on Sunday, October 3.

Prior the pandemic, the series would take place twice a year in a different part of Northern Kentucky's river cities.

During the pandemic, the series went virtual with a video-based show that clocked in at 30 episodes.

On October 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the in-person tour is back in Covington, this time with a focus on the city's Old Seminary Square and Westside neighborhoods.

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Beyond the Curb is produced by the Catalytic Fund, which has been the driver of many significant projects bolstering the renaissance of the river cities.

Catalytic Fund President and CEO Jeanne Schroer says the organization is ready to welcome guests back in person.

“With our COVID safety guidelines in place to protect everyone, we look forward to starting these tours again. So many people are eager to explore the river cities with us,” Schroer said.

The one-day, self-guided tour features 13 properties, including historic homes, artsy renovations, and modern apartments. As always, the tour stops include an intriguing mix of completed and in-progress projects that offer ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in architecture, interior design and the urban lifestyle.

Early bird tickets are $15 and are available online at until Saturday, October 2. Use the promotional code “Tribune” to save on early bird tickets. Tickets will also be available for purchase for $20 on the day of the tour, either online or at the registration area at OKOTA Wedding Design, 266 W. Pike St. in Covington. 

Tickets include admission to exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of 13 interesting properties, entry to win the “All Things Covington” raffle basket and free parking at nearby locations. All ticket holders must start their tour at OKOTA Wedding Design, where they will receive their wristband, tour booklet and gift. 

Covington’s West Side and Old Seminary Square neighborhoods offer an intriguing blend of old and new. On the tour, guests will stroll down tree-lined streets, coming upon community gardens and charming little parks. One-of-a-kind eateries and stunning public art also contribute to the vibrancy of this area. 

The tour is presented by Comey & Shepherd Realtors and the Catalytic Fund. For more information and to preview the featured properties, please visit

-Staff report
Photo: The Covington skyline as seen from Cincinnati (Michael Monks/RCN)