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Dayton Board of Ed. Chooses New Member; District Incentivizes Staff Vaccinations

The Dayton board of education added a new member this week.

The board met Tuesday night to select a replacement for longtime board member Rosann Sharon, who died in July at 68.

The board members voted to select Julie Buemi Cline.

Cline will attend the October meeting to be sworn in.

Cline is a lifelong Dayton resident, and is a third generation Greendevil. She is the varsity cheer coach, and has served on the Lincoln Elementary Site-Based Decision-Making Council.

"Julie has a vested interest in the future growth of Dayton schools and the impact that a strong school system will bring to the community," said Superintendent Jay Brewer.

In other business, it was announced that the district received a preschool partnership grant in the amount of $150,000 over two and a half years.

The district also received a McKinney Vento sub grant of $97,000 over a two-year period, and will partner with Bellevue and Southgate schools. The program benefits families in need.

The board also approved a one-time incentive pay for all full-time and part-time employees who are fully vaccinated. Employees have to be fully vaccinated by December 1, 2021 to receive the incentive pay.

The Kentucky Department of Education will use up to $8.8 million in elementary and secondary school emergency relief funds to provide reimbursements to districts that have rewarded and acknowledged the time, energy and efforts of the staff members who took the time to get vaccinated. There will be enough funding to reimburse districts for approximately 88,000 local school district staff members.

Several high school students were honored as students of the month. Lillie Israel was picked for the seventh grade, Sammy McFarland for the eighth grade, Devon Volkering for ninth grade, Ryeli Mastruserio for tenth grade, Blake McCarty for eleventh grade and Mikey Hauser won for twelfth grade.

In addition, Zoe Sparks is the district's athlete of the month. Sparks has scored 59 percent of the goals for the soccer team, scoring 13 goals with 3 assists. She also plays basketball and softball, and carries a 3.6 GPA.

The artist of the month is McKayleigh Gonzalez. Her teachers said that she goes above and beyond every project that is assigned to her. She also cheerfully helps other students when they ask.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor