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NKY Man Sentenced to Life for Raping Two Children

A Northern Kentucky man was sentenced to life in prison following his earlier conviction on rape and sodomy charges involving two children under 12 years old.
Joshua Turner was sentenced by Kenton Circuit Judge Kathleen Lape.
He was convicted on eight felony counts in July after a trial that saw a jury recommend eight life sentences.
Turner's defense team asked Lape to lower the recommended sentence to 40 years in prison.
Lape ordered the life sentence instead, noting that Turner had destroyed the innocence of two young children and others who had to deal with the fallout of his crimes, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said.
Kenton Co. Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders applauded the judge's sentence.
"It was the right thing to do. Joshua Turner gave those children a life sentence and now he gets one too,"  Sanders said.
"(The case is) proof the justice system works. The police, prosecutors, the jury, and the judge... everyone did their jobs and our community is safer because of it," Sanders said.
Sanders said Turner's victims are now in counseling and that his office would work to make sure they have access to every available resource to help them cope with their trauma.

Turner's former girlfriend testified that she went into his mobile phone while he was asleep because she suspected that he had been lying to her. She said that she was shocked to find videos of Turner raping the two children.

That woman then turned over the phone to Park Hills Police the next day, and in turn, Park Hills Police asked for assistance from Lakeside Park Police which downloaded the videos along with hundreds of photos used as evidence.

Turner was watching the two children while their mothers worked, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a news release. He was later taken into custody and charged.

The jury watched the videos of the crimes taking place.

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