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Vaccinated Ludlow Schools Staffers to Receive $200, Per Board Vote

Ludlow Independent Schools Superintendent Michael Borchers said that masks would be required in the district through the fall break and then the local incidence rate of COVID-19 would guide future policy.

Borchers presented to the board of education an update on COVID-19 protocols. 

He said that he believes masking is the most effective mitigation strategy in keeping quarantines low.

Borchers said that Gravity Diagnostics, a testing firm based in Covington, has been a great partner to keep students in school, and to reduce the number of quarantines by providing quick results.

He applauded the staff and community for doing anything possible to continue in-person instruction.

Borchers explained the one-time vaccination incentive program, in which the Kentucky Department of Education is providing money to give each staff member who has been vaccinated, or who will be vaccinated by December 1, 2021, a sum of $100.  

Encouraged by KDE, the district will match that incentive so that the staff members will each receive $200. The superintendent explained that since the district has a 90 percent vaccination rate for staff members, the payment will be more of a thank-you for the members who have agreed with the importance of the vaccine and the need to keep the district operating in-person. 

The board agreed and unanimously passed the issue.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor