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Next Door Market Grocery Opening NKY Service

The Next Door Market Grocery is a new name in the Northern Kentucky area. An online grocery store, the new service provides healthy foods delivered to the door, ordered at the customer's convenience from home, eliminating the fuss of in-store grocery shopping.

Megan Bell and her husband Brandon had the idea before the COVID pandemic hit, planning a mega-truck that would drive into neighborhoods, and attend community events and farmers markets.

"We started a mobile store in Louisville in 2020," she said. "We try to bring good food to food deserts, to people who need a better food option."

The sixteen-foot truck will stay in Louisville, but Bell is opening her first store at 8177 Mall Road, the strip mall just behind Walgreens. Currently the date for the business to begin in Northern Kentucky is November 18, just before Thanksgiving.

"Our food selection is similar to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods," Bell said. "It's like a pop-up store, but in Louisville it is a truck that is a store."

The store is basically online, at, and people can shop for fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and plant based alternatives, seafood, frozen foods and snacks. There is a customer support number on the site and people can also chat with a helper to make sure everything is correct on their orders.

"We also are in contact with local farmers from Kentucky Proud, and we will shortly have fresh produce from farmers in Ohio and Indiana," Bell said.

People can order anytime from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week, and they will get their orders the next day.

"We have grab-and-go meals, as well as healthy meals to go," Bell explained. "If there is a specific item from anywhere that you would like you can include a special note and we will try to get it. For example, if someone would like asparagus, or organic broccoli, we can get it."

Ultimately, Bell said that her goal is to bring healthy food to the smaller communities and cities, and because her company is small, she wants to maintain one on one communication with customers so that she can know what is needed. She also wants to expand her partnership with non-profit groups so that her business can give back to the community.

"We have three small children, and it isn't easy to plan meals, and do all that it takes to make sure your family is eating healthily," she said. "We have whatever you could want to feed yourself and your family, and you can order it from your living room.  We also have gluten free food."