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Op-Ed: Infrastructure Bill is Trojan Horse for Green New Deal, Not Good for NKY

The following op-ed is written by former Campbell Co. Commissioner Charlie Coleman

The 2700 page so called Infrastructure bill should more accurately be called “The American Social Policy Act”. If you read 55 pages an hour it would take you 49 consecutive hours to read the entire bill. I doubt if any of the 535 members of Congress has read it, neither has president and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Brent Cooper

Perhaps, the Chamber feels Congress should pass it so we can see what’s in it.

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The following are a few of the woke politics in the bill Mr. Cooper wants Congressman Massie to vote for. Keep in mind even though the bill has been divided the Progressives (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) & others) have made it clear that one will not pass without the other.

Five billion for gun prevention services. It’s no secret the Left has little regard for the 2nd Amendment. Additionally, a requirement that all new cars and trucks be equipped with a device for checking blood alcohol content. Once these types of systems and regulations are implemented they can and will expand.

Fifteen billion allocated for senior centers for the underserved due to sexual orientation. 

Twenty million rent support for victims of stalking and dating violence.

Fifty million to reduce human and wildlife conflicts.

Funds to fix “racism” that has been built into our highway systems according to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. 

Fifteen billion for electric car infrastructure. How many Americans can afford an electric car? 

Corporate taxes will be significantly increased. 

Doesn’t the Chamber CEO realize tax increases on business is passed on to the consumer? 

This legislation is a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal. 

Two Hundred Twenty Five Billion for AOC’s Civilian Climate Corp. 

Sixty-six billion will go to Amtrak alone with the desire to replace air travel and our cars. How many public transportation systems pay for themselves?  

The bill is filled with gender equity mandates. The word equity is used 64 times (social justice). The word tax, 1,829 times.  

According to the Club for Growth only 110 billion goes toward infrastructure all the rest goes toward the Green New Deal resulting in higher gas and fuel costs. All of these examples is just the “framework” of the bill.  

As for an additional bridge there is no guarantee Northern Kentucky will receive such funding. The only named project is one in Hose Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district. 

Who really benefits from a new bridge, Northern Kentucky or Ohio? Heading southbound, Covington doesn’t even get an exit. To reach our largest city one would have to exit near Union Terminal to get to Covington. 

Northern Kentucky’s problem is congestion. Unless lanes are added from Florence to the river there will still be congestion.  

Thank you, Congressman Massie for placing your constituents and liberty above politics.

Charlie Coleman is a former Campbell Co. commissioner