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Dayton Unveils Results of Resident Satisfaction Survey

The findings of a City of Dayton 2021 Resident Survey taken by 324 individuals, 99 percent of whom were from the city, were unveiled during this week's Dayton city council meeting. 

Of the 324 participants, 81 percent were between the ages of 30 and 69 and 47 percent had lived in Dayton for more than 20 years. 

Assistant City Manager Jerrod Barks said that the survey results serve as an invaluable resource in the strategic planning of the Dayton's annual budget, and gives insight as to how residents feel about the direction the city is going. He recommended performing the survey each year to form a basis for how Dayton is improving.

The survey alluded to social media being the prominent means from which respondents got their news, although residents could also subscribe to The Daily Link by clicking here to have quality Northern Kentucky journalism sent to their inboxes each morning. 

The survey also found that Dayton's parks, safety, events, and the city as a whole were areas full of positive feedback with more than 70 percent of replies being Good or Excellent.

Streets and Dayton's downtown district were identified as areas of improvement with more than 50 percent of replies being Fair or Not Good. 

63 percent of respondents also said that Dayton's trajectory is moving in the right direction. 

Lastly, participants rated experiences with city employees as being very positive, responding either Excellent (44 percent) or Good (42 percent) - a fact that was not lost on Mayor Ben Baker.

"They've been approached, I know," Baker said. "Sorry Covington, it isn't happening!"

-Connor Wall, associate editor