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COVID-19: Positive Cases Increasing in Largest Number in Four Weeks

Kentucky is seeing its highest totals of positive COVID-19 cases since early October, after weeks of trending downward, Governor Andy Beshear said Monday.

Saturday through Monday, the state recorded 3,888 new positive cases and 101 COVID-related deaths.

There were 452 positive cases across five Northern Kentucky counties over the past three days with 161 in Kenton, 161 in Boone, 94 in Campbell, 24 in Grant, and 12 in Pendleton.

“Hospitalizations and requests for monoclonal antibody infusions are ticking up,” said Beshear. “We do not want to see that. We need to be really careful with Thanksgiving this week, as well as Christmas coming up. But unlike last year, there is an opportunity for this holiday season to be safe and pretty normal for you and your family if you follow the precautions you need to.”

The governor encouraged Kentuckians to get a COVID-19 vaccine, or if already fully vaccinated, to get a booster shot when the necessary time passes (typically six months for Pfizer and Moderna shots, or two months for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).

So far, 2.65 million people in the state have received at least one dose of a vaccine and more than 504,000 have received a booster.

The current positivity rate in Kentucky is 6.56%.

There are currently 809 people in hospitalized due to COVID-19, including 203 in intensive care units and 101 on ventilators.

During the week ending Nov. 21, 11,572 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Kentucky, and the average test positivity rate was 6.13%.

-Staff report