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Bellevue Schools Renovation Progresses, Students Honored

The Bellevue board of education received an update on renovations at Bellevue High School and Grandview Elementary School.

Ehmet Hayes, of Hayes Architectural and Design, said that two of the men's bathrooms in the high school will be made to be women's restrooms while the women's restrooms are renovated.

Then, the process will repeat two at a time until full completion in May.

Hayes said that the work is going well and that he is happy that the projects started when they did because prices could be rising. 

"I see the economy the way it is going, and I know we won't see these prices again for awhile," he said.

In other news, it was reported that the district has gained fifteen students recently.

Jimmy Koeninger, a Bellevue High School student who spends half his day at Campbell County Area Technology Center, and half at the high school, was honored at the meeting last week.

Koeninger was named student of the month at Campbell County, praised for his perfect attendance and high grades. He is also in the gifted and talented program. 

At the vocational school he is making great strides in electrical work.

"He just knocked it out of the park," Bellevue High School Principal Tiffany Hicks said.

Twenty seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society in a ceremony immediately following the meeting.

Heather Rabe, Grandview principal, announced that the food drive this year is the biggest in over 15 years. She said they have gathered 2,660 cans. The high school also helped.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor