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New Fabric Store Opens in Latonia

Around the Corner Fabrics, a new store specializing in sewing and fabric, has opened in the old Kentucky Theater in Latonia (13 W. Southern Avenue). Kelly Niceley, the store's owner, says she expects to hold a grand opening for the location on January 15. 

"I was raised sewing for a couple generations and always enjoyed it but the two local quilt stores in Northern Kentucky that had been around for a long time had retired, and so we had been without for a couple years - without the big box retailers," Niceley said. "So many people got crazy with the mask making and so the sewing became a little more in the forefront. I'm a true believer that it's a life skill, sewing is a life skill and I believe everybody should know how to sew." 

Niceley said that customers could find a helpful and knowledgeable staff that is eager to help with their next project in her store. She also recognized that her store is more apt for quilters, but hopes to expand her product selections to include vinyl, cork, and more in addition to offering classes in its 300-square-foot dedicated classroom starting next January and February. She also added that the shop offers full-service quilting amenities such as long-arm quilting, finishing, embroidery, and more. 

"It was just a good fit, there was a need in the community again because everyone was going across the river and they were just getting a little fed up with that, so we're happy to bring it back," Niceley said. 

Around the Corner Fabrics is also carrying handmade gifts like quilts, soft-fabric toys, and pillows that are already made for individuals that want to give something handmade, but don't have the time. 

-Connor Wall, associate editor

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