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Protective Corp. Bolsters Brand After Move to Covington

As of November 29, Protective Life Corporation is welcoming employees back into its Covington office, which is now located on the recently-renovated sixteenth and seventeenth floors of the RiverCenter I office tower.

The move, which was initially announced in December 2020, also included adding a large sign to the top of the office building facing the Ohio River.

Aaron Seurkamp, president of Protective’s retirement division, says the positioning of the sign is meant to build brand awareness and help Protective be realized as a significant employer in the region. 

“The sign is an indication of our commitment and the great work we’re doing at Protective,” Seurkamp said. “It’s really exciting to have such a prominent fixture in the Northern Kentucky skyline.”

Seurkamp went on to say that the new location has three times the space as the previous location, which had been based in Cincinnati for more than 30 years.

With the added space, Protective currently has approximately 130 employees in its office and Seurkamp hopes to double that number over the next two-to-three-years. Moreover, the move will allow the company to retain and expand many of the functions previously completed in Cincinnati.

Seurkamp explained that these functions meant more opportunities in a variety of industries such as marketing, communication, sales, and more for Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati residents. Furthermore, this capacity allows Protective to make strides in its goals of attracting and retaining the top talent across the organization.

“Protective's presence at the RiverCenter tower is a testament to the building’s ownership, management, the local government, and the state government and we’re very appreciative of their partnership and support,” Seurkamp said. “They’ve really done a wonderful job and we are pleased to be a part of it.” 

-Connor Wall, associate editor