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Dayton Schools Award Renovation Contract, Celebrate Drug Free Club

Dayton Independent Schools saw its revenues increase and expenses decrease, according to the results of an annual audit conducted by firm Barnes Dennig. Accountant Morgan Ryle explained that federal dollars bolstered the district's revenues.

Meanwhile, architect Joe Hayes of the firm Robert Ehmet Hayes offered an update on projects at Dayton High School. The district received three bids for kitchen, restrooms, and locker room renovations. The board awarded the contract to Leo J. Brielmaier, who offered the lowest bid.

The kitchen will receive all new freezers because the current ones are very old and leaking, and will also see new flooring and refrigerators. 

The bathrooms will be fitted with all new hardware in the main bathrooms and the second floor bathrooms, and the locker rooms, which are connected to the bathrooms, will also be updated.

High school principal Scott Meyer explained the results of the latest STAR testing, saying that every grade level has moved up in both reading and math. He said that he is very pleased that the school has been able to grow its numbers.

Another report showed that attendance is at about 93 percent for the whole district, even though enrollment is a little down at the moment. Letters have been sent home  to remind parents about absenteeism.

The district has been buying property in the 700 block near the schools, and an update was given on the availability of the rest of the property.

The board approved the individual CSIP plans, plus the GAP objectives for the schools and the district. The goals have been set for the schools to meet on their gap objectives, and the schools were required to pick certain groups of students, such as girls and boys, Hispanic or other, to be able to get information on how to make instruction more effective.

Superintendent Jay Brewer held up a letter at Wednesday's meeting noting that he has been accepted into the Drug Free Club of America.

He said that the high school has one of the largest clubs in Northern Kentucky, with 158 students and 36 staff belonging to the club. This is a volunteer club where members are subject to drug testing at any time, and they pledge to be drug-free.

The district is trying to pull the sixth grade into the club also, since drug abuse is starting in younger children.

-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor