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Shelter-in-Place Lifted After Fire at Interplastic in Ft. Wright

A reported explosion at Interplastic Corporation prompted an alert for residents living near the Ft. Wright plant on Monday night.
Ft. Wright and Covington fire departments responded to the scene at 3535 Latonia Avenue after a call of an explosion came in. It reportedly involved a storage vessel housing a polyester resin, according to a news release from the City of Ft. Wright. 
The fire departments were able to contain a fire on the scene and no injuries were reported.
A shelter-in-place order was issued to nearby neighborhoods and a 1,000-ft. perimeter was established for safety purposes so that an investigation could ensue.
It was later determined that no threat existed. As the chemical resin on site cools down, it occasionally emits a loud popping noise, the news release said.
These are not considered explosions but rather a normal cooling process, the news release said.
The shelter-in-place order was lifted at around 5:30 a.m.
This story may be updated.
-Staff report