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Covington Businesses to Be Cash Mobbed Saturday

Stoney's All Things Princess & Fairy and Chez Nora in Mainstrasse Village will be the beneficiaries of the monthly effort of Cash Mob Northern Kentucky which will encourage its followers to bring at least $20 to the businesses on Saturday. A poll was conducted over the past couple weeks in which people could vote for their preferred local, independent businesses while a second poll asked for input on a local restaurant to support after the cash mob. Stoney's and Chez Nora came out on top. Cash Mob NKY posted this message on its Facebook page:


 Looks like the voting site ended our vote early. Not sure why but concessions will be made. I am pleased to announce that Stoney's Gifts will be the recipient of our September 29th Cash Mob with after party heading across the street to Chez Nora. I will confirm times and meetup locations early this week and share with everyone. The voting was mighty close for the shop location so I am inclined to grant It's Only Fair our late October Cash Mob...TBA. We will do another vote for an after party location nearby It's Only Fair. Since we ill have hit both Kenton and Campbell County at that point, would like to reserve November for Boone County. So stay tuned and congrats to both Stoney's Gifts, Chez Nora and It's Only Fair for their fine voter turnout. Even though your favorite location may not have won, please turn out to our Cash Mob as we are helping our local economies through local consumerism. We are making a difference $20 at a time.
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