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14 West Covington Properties to Go Before Code Enforcement Board

Fourteen properties poised for development in Botany Hills (formerly known as West Covington) and owned by Mount Martre, LLC will go before the Covington code enforcement board Wednesday afternoon. The properties are 302, 332, 334, and 336 Altamont Road, 1419, 1421, 1426, 1436, and 1446 Lexington Avenue, and 1435, 1437, 1439, and 1441 Livingston Street. The properties have been the subject of heated online wars of words between City Commissioner Steve Frank and developer Wes Bittlinger who is listed as a manager of Mount Martre, LLC along with Jeffery Long according to records at the Kentucky Secretary of State's office. Frank posted several photos on his Facebook page and then posted more after City Manager Larry Klein and City Manager Frank Warnock visited the area. The battle spilled over into a city commission meeting in August when the City welcomed public comments about the future of its code enforcement department. Bittlinger contends that the buildings will be razed soon and that the area is to be developed. The River City News will have the meeting covered for you and will have an update here Wednesday evening.


PHOTO: A sign reads "Mr. Frank Back Down Now" in Botany Hills


Heated online exchanges about what? And don't say, "the properties."  What is the issue, I mean?

He always has to be involved in drama! Hopefully he does his homework before he spews nonsense like he did about the police officer in COV making 100,000 a year. We only have in my opinon 2 good commissioners, Sherry and Shawn. We are loosing Shawn and hopefully Sherry becomes mayor. God help COV if not.

I worked with Steve frank on the City of Covington Audit Committee and found Steve to be honest, full of integrity, and willing to take a stand on issues no matter how much the public may not like his stand. He's usually right with his views (in my opinion), but sometimes does not convey them in the best political terms. But at least he is confronting the serious issues that face the city and its residents rather than "kicking the can down the road" and hoping they go away. You don't have to agree with his opinions or views, but what are you doing about the city's problems?