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Road Project May Be Delayed, but Silver Grove Pursues New Walking Trail

Silver Grove City Council got an update on projects related to Four Mile Road and Mary Ingles Highway (KY 8)

Justin Verst, of engineering firm Viox and Viox, told council that he wished that he had better news, but that the city still hadn’t received the necessary right-of-way approval from Frankfort to move forward with the Four Mile project. He added that while all plans had been approved, Kentucky Transportation Secretary Greg Thomas hadn’t formally signed off on the project.

Verst said it may come to the point that the Route 8 project gets completed before the Four Mile project depending on when approvals go through.

““It may get to the point where we say, Do we want to put them out to bid together, or do we want to get Route 8 out for bid, get the construction going and hopefully Four Mile can catch up to it,’” Verst said.

Verst said that they were out last week spray painting the path of the Route 8 sidewalk and getting feedback from citizens on the path of the sidewalk.

Their plan is to build the sidewalk 10 feet back from the road so that people are still able to park in their yards between the sidewalk and road if they wish.

Several council members brought up issues of drainage on previously constructed sidewalks along Route 8. They came to the conclusion after much discussion that it would have to be reconstructed to allow for proper drainage.

Verst said that the cost would likely range between $80,000 and $100,000. He will be drafting plans for the replacement to present to the council at next month’s meeting.

Community and Economic Development Direct Robert Yoder presented a plan to the council and community members to create a walking trail behind Sayers Park.

““It’s a nice, friendly little woods area,” Yoder said.

Yoder made the presentation so that he will now be able to apply for a grant that will pay for 80 percent of the $68,000 project, meaning that the city would only be responsible for around $14,000 worth of the project.

The trail will encompass a small pond that many wondered if community members would be allowed to fish in. Yoder said they still need to do studies to see if there are fish in the pond or if it has the potential to be a small pay lake.

A vast majority of the proposed trail is already cleared from a city project decades ago, but the city would bring in clay dirt and gravel, to help build up the trail and assist with draining.

The grant proposal is due by March 31 and Yoder said the city should know if it received the grant in about 6 months. The project will take three to five weeks to complete and will be started in the fall or next spring depending on when they find out about the grant.

The council unanimously passed a resolution allowing Yoder to move forward with the grant process.

Mayor Neal Bedel informed council that the fire department is asking the city to annex a stretch of Four Mile Road near the Silver Grove city limit so that it can purchase a 23-acre plot to build a new firehouse.

According to Bedel, the fire department would only need a small portion of the land and the city would be able to sell the rest of the land to turn a profit for the city.

Other Notes:

Silver Grove code enforcement will be putting liens on up to four properties around town that have been in continued violation of various city ordinances, even after receiving warnings.

There is also an extensive list of homes that will be receiving warning letters to correct a variety of issues with their homes or they could also face liens against their property.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor