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Ludlow Connector Trail at Devou Park Nears Completion

The Ludlow Connector Trail in Devou Park is almost finished.

Funded by a $30,000 private donation, the trail features two elaborate creek crossings and kiosks with all-weather maps to assist with wayfinding. It has been planned for years and is a partnership between between the Cities of Covington and Ludlow, the Ludlow Swim Club, the Devou Park Advisory Council, the Devou Park Trail Collective, and the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance (CORA).

In an announcement, CORA stated that the project will open up the amenities of Devou Park to more residents of Ludlow, including parts that were previously only accessibly via the roadway. It will ultimately tie into the Riverfront Commons project, which aims to link six Northern Kentucky River Cities from Ludlow in the west to Fort Thomas in the east.

The news release stated that the trail system at Devou Park reaches 300 to 400 users each weekend day during spring, summer, and fall.

Next phases include another 2.5-mile section of single track that will connect Back Bowl and Incinerator trail segments, plus an ADA trail around the Old Incinerator for half a mile of flat gravel surface.

The Devou Park Trail expansion project has invested $226,800 and lots  of volunteer hours into the project. The news release stated that the project is only $55,000 and 2.5 miles away from completion of the Devou Park Trail Expansion Master Plan.

-Staff report