Ludlow Helped Her Find Her Artistic Voice, Now She'll Have Her First Opening There

My name is Savannah Vagedes.

I am 18 years old, a graduate of Ludlow High School, and an artist.

My passion for art had sparked at a young age. It carried me through many things like moving all around the country, disconnection from family, and more. I’ve lived so many places in my life, but none of them have helped me as much as Ludlow has.

Art is about experience, and I’m glad I’ve been where I’ve been and lived where I lived, and I’m also glad Ludlow was one of those places.

Ludlow helped me find my voice, not only in my art but as a person. The amount of support I’ve had from teachers, friends, some family, and just people of the community has pushed me, and inspired me, to go where I know I need to go.

I’m very inspired by music. Connecting my inspiration to music, one of my goals as an artist is to make posters, and designs, for my favorite bands. I also enjoy doing hand-painted skateboards, and another goal of mine is to design decks, or merchandise for the skate or surf scene.

I was always a straight-A student that everyone thought would no doubt succeed in my future, assuming I’d be a doctor or a teacher, but I’m not afraid to fail. I almost expect to, and I believe as an artist that I should be inspired by failure more than anything else.

Anybody can take a compliment, but to improve from criticism is something anybody should be proud of.

Now I am attending The Art Academy of Cincinnati working towards a major in print media and minor in design, and making my dreams my reality.

Saturday, March 25, I will be having my first art opening at Wynners Cup (301 Elm Street, Ludlow), from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Another step towards my dreams as my reality!

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