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Photos: What New Residential Project in Mainstrasse May Look Like

Some time between 1877 and 1886, the D. McNamara Tobacco Co. constructed a factory on Covington's Sixth Street. There was a warehouse, a supply house, and multiple residences on the site.

Over the years, some of the structures vanished, and now only the building currently known as the John R. Green building in Mainstrasse Village, remains.

More changes for the site are on the way, but the historic structure will continue to stand. 

This week, the City of Covington's urban design review board voted to accept historic preservation officer Emily Ahouse's recommendation to approve request by developer John Whitson and Moody Nolan Architects to demolish part of the site and to construct new buildings. The approval, however, addressed concerns about one of the new buildings, which will loom seven stories above the neighborhood, and  the current design of proposed townhomes along the Seventh Street side appear too much as one large mass.

Prior to full approval, those designs must be modified to more clearly separate the roof lines, more clearly replicate the existing streetscape.

The project is expected to be a mix of apartments and townhomes on the higher end of the local market rate, with roughly 180 units total. A 3-story paring garage is planned as part of the development.

The John R. Green project comes as another large apartment development is set to begin soon near the 501 Main building and on Fifth Street parking lot, bringing another 170+ units and a parking garage to Mainstrasse Village.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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