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Devou Park to Be Nominated for National Register of Historic Places

The first step in nominating Devou Park to the National Register of Historic Places was taken Tuesday at the Covington City Commission meeting.

The city commission voted to sign the Kentucky Certified Local Government Report Form.

“Devou Park is a special place with a unique history," said City of Covington preservation & planning specialist Emily Ahouse. "The nomination recognizes its importance throughout the community’s history - from its early associations with the Civil War, through its careful planning and development as a City Park, to its continued, modern recreation and entertainment use.”

The National Register is the official list of the nation’s historic resources which are deemed worthy of preservation. The registry recognizes resources throughout the country for their significant associations with events, people, architectural types/styles/works of a master, and for providing archeological information.

Officially founded in 1910, Devou Park serves as one of Covington and Northern Kentucky’s most popular parks and recreational green spaces. Included within the nomination report is a comprehensive history of the park, detailing its significance from its American Civil War associations to its historic and current parks and recreation use.

During the Civil War, Devou Park featured Union fortification systems used to protect and prevent Confederate attacks on the region. The Civil War sites and structures that remain in Devou Park are the best preserved section of the fortification system in Northern Kentucky.

The City of Covington received a $5,000 Certified Local Government grant from the Kentucky Heritage Council, which was matched by $4,115 in Devou Trust funding, to complete the National Register nomination for Devou Park.

On March 20, 2017 the nomination was reviewed by the Urban Design Review Board (UDRB). At this meeting, the URDB approved a motion to recommend approval of the nomination for listing in the National Register.

Upon receiving approval from the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, the nomination will be reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Review Board on May 17. If approved by the state, the nomination will then be reviewed for approval by the National Register Review Board this summer.

If accepted into the National Register, Devou Park’s listing will be honorary in nature and carries no regulatory restrictions. The listing would have no impact on the future use or development of the park.

-Staff report