Photos: Peek Inside Former Covington Strip Club

Eh, why not?

Let's take a tour of a long-vacant former strip club in downtown Covington.

Viva La Foxx has been closed for years, but there are still remnants of the club's... glory days? There's an ashtray with cigarette butts still in it atop a booth's table that is covered in elaborate cobwebs. The dancers' locker room has boots, panties, and curlers still inside. There's even bags of potato chips still on the rack behind the bar.

And yes, that famous stripper-themed carpet is still on the floor.

In fact, that carpet may be available for purchase as mementos as the Bradford Building, the name of the structure that housed Viva La Foxx, nears development. The Catalytic Fund purchased the building and hopes to have a development plan in place soon.

Ideas for what that may look like will be on display at Beyond the Curb, the Catalytic Fund-produced urban living tour that returns to Covington on Sunday, April 30. The self-guided tour will take visitors across downtown Covington to gaze at the before, the after, and the in-progress of living in the city which has seen a recent boom of development, both historic renovations and new construction.

Details on the Bradford Building will be on view at the Boone Block, a beautifully restored 19th century building that is now home to nine luxury townhouses.

For details on tickets and other properties on the Beyond the Curb tour, click here.

-Staff report

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Stripper-themed carpet at Viva La Foxx