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Erlanger Prepares for Development of Old Showcase Cinema Site, New City Logo

The old Showcase Cinema off I-75 in Erlanger is but a memory now.

The City of Erlanger is now getting closer to seeing what will take its place.

The Al Neyer Company plans to construct three buildings on the site, and at Tuesday night's city council meeting, a resolution was adopted that promotes an agreement between the company and the city involving the issuance of bonds for the acquisition of land, construction, and installation of an industrial project.

The estimated $54.7 million project aims to create 1,725 direct jobs and 1,067 indirect jobs, with payroll receipts of up to $70 million.

Meanwhile, the city council is closer to adopting a new logo for Erlanger.

The River City News first reported in October 2015 that Erlanger was looking for a new brand image. Now, council is close to a final design.

The difference with the new one is a change from red, white, and blue colors to a softer blue and gray, the addition of the year the city was established, and a circle around the state, with Erlanger and Kentucky at the top and bottom.

There is still a yellow star depicting roughly the area where the city is located at the top part of the state, and a resident, Linda Dietz, suggested that the yellow star is out of date, and maybe it should be replaced by a blue balloon-like shape to make it look more like a symbol on a smart phone.  

Councilwoman Kathy Cahill also said that the old emblem had a motto with it, and council had not made a decision whether to put a motto with the emblem, or what motto to use among the three that were suggested.

Other notes:

Bids were discussed on several projects. The Perimeter Drive reconstruction project  was awarded to JPS Construction for a low bid of $324,026.50. The construction will not begin until August because work on the water lines need to be completed first.

The project on Woodlyn Hills was awarded to M and W Excavation for a low bid of $220,480.75.

Bids on both projects are below estimates.

Mayor Tyson Hermes told council the new city website is up and running but the old one will still be accessible until the end of next week.

The business spotlight was on the new Tim Horton's in Erlanger. Fabio Godinho came to the meeting to tell about the community projects that the company does, mainly for children, and explained the history and the quality of the beans used for the coffee that the company makes.

Joe Scroggin took the oath of office as sergeant in the police department with his wife by his side. Three new police officers were introduced: Cameron Day, Margaret Ernst, and Oscar Sanchez.   

In Public Works, Mike Grizzell and Chris Johnson were introduced, and Rick Bogard announced that Chris Turner will be the new facility services coordinator upon the retirement of Rodney Snow at the end of July. The public works team were all wearing new shirts with a new logo on them indicating the public works department is the heartbeat of the city.

Kathy Porter was introduced as the new member of the General Government team.

Jason Iames from Public Works received his 10-year service pin and Steve Bodde of General Government, and Mark Otte from Fire/EMS both received five-year service pins.

Officer Michael Clark brought the new police dog, Bodo, to the meeting to introduce him. He was used 17 times in the month of May.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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