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Ludlow: Emergency Crews Respond to Report of Chemical Leak

A chemical reaction in a mixing tank inside a facility at the Ludlow Industrial Park drew emergency responders to the scene and resulted in the evacuation of a building.

There was never any danger to the community, though, Ludlow Fire Chief Rob Dreyer told The River City News

"All it did was spill on to the containment area, so it was always contained," Dreyer said. "It did put out a little bit of fumes, not a whole lot. The fire department went in and made sure it was safe, took a reading on the temperature of the tank, and then called all the HazMat team and appropriate people we needed like (Kenton Co.) Emergency Management to give us a hand and to test the building and the air quality and the tank temperature."

Emergency responders from multiple surrounding agencies were on the scene.

"It was a long, drawn-out process to do a bunch of what, luckily, ended up being not a whole lot," Dreyer said.

"There was never any reason to raise a red flag as to a lea out of hand, a fire, or a explosion," the chief said. "We didn't even evacuate the other building on any site. There was never any danger to the community or anything like that."

The industrial park is on Sandbank Road.

Ludlow Independent Schools Superintendent Michael Borchers said that the district was aware of the situation early Thursday afternoon and that all students were safe and that dismissal would take place at the usual time.

The River City News is gathering more information and will update this story as soon as possible.

-Staff report

Photo via Park Hills Fire Department