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Photos: Mainstrasse Village's Oktoberfest Shines in New Configuration

Many of the sounds and smells were the same, but the sights were slightly different.

Sure, there was plenty of lederhosen and traditional revelry, but this year's Oktoberfest in Mainstrasse Village offered the thousands of visitors an opportunity to take in the businesses that operate there on a permanent basis.

In past years, vendors have been set up along the sidewalks with their backs to the shops and restaurants, virtually eliminating the local businesses from the fun. This year, the booths were moved to abut the promenade and to face the businesses, better integrating the neighborhood into the festival.

As part of the opening ceremony, that effort was emphasized as each of Covington's 19 neighborhoods were recognized by read aloud by Mayor Joe Meyer and with a tone from the Carroll Chimes Bell Tower. "We are Covington," the program stated.

RCN's Brian Frey captured these photos from the annual celebration of German heritage.

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