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Alexandria Brewing Company Finds Location to Open

Alexandria is closer to having its own brewery.

After some setbacks, it looks like Alexandria Brewing Company is ready to move forward. In a blog posted to the company's website, owner Andy Reynolds explained:

We are leasing a large space at 7926 Alexandria Pike.  You can get an idea of where that is by clicking on our location tab.  If you live in Alexandria or are familiar with the area, we are in the Jolly Towne Centre where Skip N Flip used to be.  It is less than a half of a mile further south than where we planned to go.  Our space is much, much bigger than we planned to start with, but this allows us plenty of room to grow and it gives us room to put a restaurant in (we are looking for someone to sublet that that space now).  We will still start with a 5BBL brewhouse, six 5BBL tanks, and a 5BBL bright.  These are on order now from DME (Diversified Metal Engineering) and will arrive this winter.  We also hope to find a used 10 or 15BBL tank for our longer fermenting beers or lagers.

Reynolds said the target opening date is March 2018.

The news comes after some struggles for the fledgling operation.

Reynolds said the brewery had been looking at a different place on Alexandria Pike (U.S. 27) for more than a year, and even went as far as to have floorplans drawn up. But on a final trip out, some issues with a septic tank were revealed and the remodeling budget would have been to extreme for the brewery's budget, Reynolds wrote.

You can follow the company's progress at its Facebook page.

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