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NKU to Embed Master's Degree in Teaching at Holmes

Northern Kentucky University announced a new partnership with Covington Independent Public Schools on Monday.

NKU's College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) will embed its master of arts in teaching (MAT) at Holmes Middle and High Schools. The university said the partnership will create an immersive environment to enhance the preparation of new teachers.

“Working with the leadership team in Covington has been wonderful. As with any true collaboration, we all came to the table with our ideas and developed a program that will draw upon the strengths of current Covington educators, the research-based experience of NKU’s teacher educators, and the opportunities presented by working in Holmes Middle and High Schools,” said Cindy Reed, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services. “We all will benefit from this partnership, and so will the career-changers who participate and become teachers. They will have a very thorough preparation.”

COEHS will hold an open house on January 24 for those interested in learning more about the MAT program, which will launch in June. The courses will meet on site at Holmes Middle and High Schools. 

The university said that this approach will better enable these NKU teacher candidates to make the theory-to-practice connection and provide opportunities for Covington school personnel to participate in learning opportunities offered through the program.

Strong school-university partnerships are shown to reduce teacher turnover and better prepare pre-service teachers to work in specific contexts, a news release said. The long term goal of this partnership is to prepare teachers who choose to work in settings such as Covington and make an impact in ending generational poverty.

“We are pleased to partner with NKU to offer the MAT program at our schools. This will help our teachers enhance their professional development and benefit our district,” said Alvin Garrison, superintendent of Covington Schools.

“Embedding courses at the schools will provide Holmes Middle & High Schools teachers with the visible presence of NKU faculty experts for collaboration and development,” said Brandelyn Tosolt, MAT Program Facilitator. “The goal is to have an open door policy for teachers, administrators, and district personnel to visit the NKU classes to join in our discussions, lend expertise related to their experiences, and share knowledge of the school cultures, policies, programs and practices with NKU teacher candidates.”

  •  What: MAT Program Open House
  • When: January 24, 2018, at 3:15 p.m.
  • Where: Holmes High School, 2500 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41014

The embedded one-year MAT program will be offered every other year. For more information on the MAT program, visit To get details on the open house, contact Diana Von Hagel, (859) 572-1567[email protected].

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