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Photos: Inside the New Agave & Rye Restaurant in Covington

Agave & Rye was so popular when it opened its doors on Thursday that by Saturday it was down to just two margarita flavors.

Located at 635 Madison Avenue, in the building that was most recently home to Rima's Diner, Agave & Rye touts itself as a bourbon and tequila hall, and promises "epic tacos".

It delivered.

First, fans of Rima D's won't recognize the interior. The slick remodel undertaken by the operators of Agave & Rye is more in line with the sexy nature of downtown Covington's resurgence (think: Hotel Covington, the Hannaford...). Though there is an homage to Rima on the menu and a sort of Marilyn Monroe image on the wall, it doesn't look at all like the old downhome diner that spent most of the past eight years at this prominent corner.

The tacos on Saturday were very good. I ordered three but probably could have had just two, since I also had a side of the mac 'n cheese. I opted for three vegetarian options - the Goody Tooshie (falafel, taboleh, tahninni), the Mole (fried avocado, bruschetta, tomato), and the Bang Bang (cauliflower, queso cervesa, carrots). You can see the full, inticing menu here.

Check out the Facebook page here.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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