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After Tragedy, Ft. Wright Looks to Inventory Possibly Dangerous Trees

The City of Fort Wright is looking for a new approach to keeping track of its trees.

City council listened to a first reading of a new ordinance that would dissolve Fort Wright's tree board and develop an inventory of trees that must be removed.

Mayor Dave Hatter said that he has been in city government since 1998 and that he doesn't believe the tree board had ever met in those twenty years.

Last year, an old tree fell at Lookout Heights Civic Club, killing one woman, and since then, the city has looked for a way to document trees that could be dangerous.

The ordinance specifies that  the city does not have the budgetary capacity to monitor the health of ever single city tree, but the city still wants to implement a tree inventory and develop a prioritized list of trees that must be removed for the safety of residents.

In other business, city council listened to the first reading of an ordinance to dissolve the Madison Pike tax increment financing (TIF) district. There are no economic development projects underway in the district and the city doesn't use any revenue to service any debt. The ordinance says that it is in the city's best interest to dissolve the TIF and transfer any revenue to the city's general fund.

Mayor Hatter said it was not practical to separate the TIF money when there are no projects in the district.

Both ordinance will be up for a vote next month.

Other notes:

Jason Matthews was appointed to be the fire training officer for the city.

Dave Abeln, Adam Feinauer, Bernie Wessels, and Margie Witt were appointed to the Fort Wright Economic Development Authority as board members. The board is being revived and Kenton County Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann appointed Dave Witt, who used to be on the board.

Frank Henn was appointed to the Kenton County Code Enforcement Board to represent the city for a three-year term.

Linda Hornsby, Jeanine Kreinbrink, Richard McCormick II, and Kathleen Romero were reappointed to serve on the Fort Wright Museum Board for a two-year term.

The fourth annual Fort Wright Clean-Up Day will be April 21, at 9 a.m. at the city building. Clean-up will be for three hours. Volunteers will be given donuts for breakfast, and a free T-shirt, and lunch.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor