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Sullivan University Hosts Transfer Fair

Sullivan University is holding a transfer fair and open house on Saturday, February 17, from 9 a.m. to noon at its Center for Learning – Northern Kentucky, (207 Grandview Drive, Fort Mitchell).

Students who previously earned college credits at other institutions are encouraged to bring a copy of their unofficial transcripts or grade reports. Sullivan advisers will then evaluate each student’s credits and create a personalized plan of how those credits can be used at Sullivan University.

Over the past several years, Vicki Berling, Ph.D., director of the Sullivan University Center for Learning – Northern Kentucky, said she has noticed a dramatic change in what constitutes a typical “college student” these days.

“Students who come to Sullivan often have college credits from another college or university, a part-time job, and a family,” Berling said. “We designed this event to meet students where they are and ease them into an academic environment that works with them.”

“I frequently hear from students that they find it very frustrating to transfer from one university to another,” Berling continued. “Often, their previous credits are not recognized by their new institution and they end up repeating courses, which is such a bad use of both their time and money.”

Melviany Concepcion Bonilla – a native of Puerto Rico who currently works for Perfetti-Van-Melle in Erlanger – found that Sullivan University was the perfect match when she decided to further her education to help her career growth.

“With two kids and a job, I needed something I could do from home – and I wanted something that was completely online,” Bonilla said. “Sullivan transferred my credits from my previous school in Puerto Rico, got me enrolled, and so far it’s been great.”

Bonilla’s success at Sullivan led to her induction into the Sullivan chapter of Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society in business, management, and administration.

“I never took classes or anything online, so the transition has been difficult, but I quickly got the hang of it,” Bonilla continued. “It was the best fit for me, and it just feels right.”

Berling said Sullivan University’s transfer policies are very student friendly. “With a few exceptions, we are able to recognize credits from most other institutions, regardless of the age of those credits,” she said.

If you are interested in attending the open house and transfer fair, please RSVP by contacting Kelsey Wicher at [email protected] or by calling 859.780.5289.

​-Staff report