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Edgewood Concerned About $400,000 Increase to Pension Contribution

The City of Edgewood, like many across Kentucky, face a hefty bill as the state mandates an increased pension contribution.

For Edgewood, that means a payment of $1,182,063 due on July 1, an increase of $422,685.

Mayor John Link urged the citizens of Edgewood to contact their legislators and ask for relief for the cities. City leaders want to see a phase-in for the increased contributions so as to avoid a large lump sum payment.

"We need help," Link said.

"And this will be every year," Link said. "No city will have any relief. We're at a standstill. It's like they put a gun to our heads and we have to pay it. I think we may see some cities go out of existence. And some school boards. We're going to have to cut back."

City administrator Brian Dehner was one of the local administrators that visited Frankfort last Wednesday to ask for help directly. So far, nothing has changed.

Other notes:

Council passed an ordinance regulating signs. A decision by the Supreme Court on a case involving signs gutted the local sign ordinance, so revisions were made to comply with the new decision.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor