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Letter: NKY Teacher Explains Why She "Walked In" at Her School in Protest of Cuts

A Northern Kentucky teacher writes about the "walk-ins" conducted by teachers in protest of cuts to education and teacher retirements:

Today I walked for Kentucky children.

Today I walked for my great-grandmother who was born over 100 years ago, earned her college degree, and made the decision to put kids first and became a teacher.

I am proud to carry on that path of dedication.

Today I walked with hope and faith for the future of my own children.

Today I walked with appreciation of all my former teachers that molded me into whom I am today and provided a strong, positive educational experience.

Today I walked for the outstanding colleagues that I work with everyday that devote love, countless hours, and top-notch teaching to a classroom of students year after year.

Today I walked with pride for 13 educators past and present in my family.

Please call legislators to support funding for public education 1-800-372-7181. The proposed Senate Bill will steal critical funding and resources from students, classrooms, preschool programs, family resource centers, teacher pensions, professional development, and much more.

We can’t put kids first if teachers are put last!

Elizabeth Guenther is a 2nd grade teacher at River Ridge Elementary