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In Gratitude: Relationships, Community, and Busy Mom-Life

In Gratitude is an occasional column produced by Rachel DesRochers, founder of Grateful Grahams and the Incubator Kitchen Collective.

Can’t be a mom and start your own business? Think again. As a “busy” mom of three, my kids were actually a huge driving force for me to start my first company – Grateful Grahams.

I wanted to show my kids that they can make their dreams come true.

I love when moms come in with an itch to create. 

They all want to have a job that allows them time to be "mom" while also doing something they love, a job that gets them out of the house while having time to work in between school drop-offs and grocery store runs. I love when Jamie  Coates-Donohue pulls up to drop an order off to Ohio Valley Food Connection, usually with at least one of her two kids in tow.

That’s how we do it - load the kids, run the errands, do the deliveries. Kid-free time becomes production time in the kitchen baking hundreds of pounds of granola.

I asked Jamie, a mom and "food-preneur" to tell us a little bit about herself:

Hello, I’m Jamie Coates-Donohue, owner of Grandola Granola.

We’ve been a member of the Incubator Kitchen Collective since 2017 and are in our fourth year of business.

I started making granola for my daughter, Ella, as a quick and healthy snack. After giving away granola goodie bags at her second birthday, friends and family wanted me to make batches just for them. In the beginning of 2014, I created Grandola Granola, with one flavor, Ella’s Favorite.

We now have four flavors and plan to launch our fifth this month.

They are all seasonal in fruit and taste, and we’re able to keep them available all year.

Grandola is the only gourmet cluster-tastic granola on the market that is made by hand, nut-free, cured, and vegan that’s also available in gluten-free.

Rachel has been one of my mentors since the beginning and continues to be a wealth of knowledge.

Grandola is best right out of the bag or as a topping to a parfait, salad, smoothie bowl, or crunchy muffin recipe.

Please visit our website,, or in person at an upcoming event (Walk on Woodburn, Fit in the City, Oakley Fancy Flea, Shades of Chic Spring Artisan Market, and at the weekly Madeira Farmer’s Market starting in May). 

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