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New Accelerator to Focus on NKY Homelessness, Volunteerism, Identity

Horizon Community Funds announced the launch of its new accelerator and its more than forty steering committee members.

The accelerator was formally launched last week during Horizon's Power in Numbers symposium, which brought hundreds of people together to discuss the transfer of wealth taking place in Northern Kentucky, and its potential impact in the areas of economic opportunity, education, health, and workforce development.

The Horizon Community Accelerator is a grassroots initiative to connect, inform, and engage Northern Kentuckians around opportunities that exist uniquely in the region, a news release said. The steering committee has selected four key areas to focus on for its inaugural year: homelessness, volunteerism, intentionally engaging all communities, and Northern Kentucky’s regional identity.

The full committee list can be found here

“The Horizon Community Accelerator will provide opportunities for all members of the public to become more involved in addressing Northern Kentucky issues. By becoming better informed and engaged, we can collectively strengthen our region for a brighter future,” said Horizon president Nancy Grayson.

Details regarding the first community event are forthcoming. Community members who are passionate about making an impact in Northern Kentucky are encouraged to reach out to Tess Brown, director of marketing and communications, at [email protected] or 859.292.2849 to be placed on the list for updates and announcements.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is a qualified public charitable 501(c)(3) organization established as a community foundation in 2017 by Northern Kentucky leaders. Its mission is to unite resources to raise the quality of life for all people in the Northern Kentucky community. More information can be found at

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