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Bicycle Cooperative Established by Life Learning Center, Reser

The Life Learning Center in Covington and Reser Bicycle Outfitters in Newport joined together to establish a bicycle cooperative for Northern Kentucky.

The goal is one long-held by Jason Reser, owner of Reser Bicycle Outfitters and a Park Hills city councilman, as well as by fellow cycling enthusiasts across the region.

The cooperative will offer free instruction and alternative, affordable means of transportation.

Those who complete the free course have the option of becoming the new owner of a bicycle.

In addition, class participants will receive free resources such as a wheel patching kit and bicycle lock.

Reser will up-cycle donated bicycles to instruct proper use, maintenance, and safety of bicycle equipment. For example, Reser intends to use bicycles with broken tires as a hands-on learning experience to teach attendees how to repair bicycle tires.

The Life Learning Center has agreed to use their facility’s extra space for cooperative classes and bicycle storage.

The organization said in a news release that it believes that the cooperative’s initiative aligns with its mission to help individuals reach their highest potential.

In addition, the Life Learning Center hopes to promote Reser’s instructional courses to at-risk individuals who participate in its 12-week program.

Bicycle classes will be open to the public.

-Staff report

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