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Covington, Bellevue Boards Attend Preservation Training

The board responsible for promoting, preserving, and protecting Covington's historic and architecturally-significant building stock went to school on Friday.
All nine members of Covington's urban design review board attended day-long training put on by experts from the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.
Trainers focused on an array of issues and topics organized under three categories: legal issues and procedures, regulations and expertise, and community outreach. Side topics included things like professionalism, decorum, and customer service.
"This board fulfills a very important role in shaping the development of our city, and we want the most professional and trained body possible," said Emily Ahouse, Covington's preservation & planning specialist.
"With record levels of development in Covington has come a corresponding increase in the volume of applications before the board, so it's imperative that we follow the best practices in our reviews and are as up to date as possible on the latest topics and trends," she said.
The training was organized by the cities of Covington and Bellevue, and attendees also include the historic preservation commission from Bellevue, the Kentucky Heritage Council, and an official from Planning and Development Services of Kenton County.
The training was also timely given that May is national Historic Preservation Month, Ahouse said.
It was held at the offices of the Kentucky Innovation Network in Covington's Innovation Alley.
-Staff report