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In Gratitude: What is a Foodpreneur?

What is a foodpreneur?

I mean – that‘s a catchy name, right?

Similar to entrepreneur or even mompreneur (a name we hear often around here), a foodpreneur is a defining title for what we are doing and growing here at the Incubator Kitchen Collective. 

Being a foodpreneur is about so much more than just the food we are producing; it’s the people behind the food.

From the beginning, nearly five years ago in our old Covington home, the name seemed so fitting: we are foodpreneurs – entrepreneurs who are committed to growing in the food industry. We are a special group of people. There is so much that goes into growing a food company so being surrounded by folks who all have the same mission is extremely beneficial to all of us.

Like all entrepreneurs, we work hard and we hustle because we are working for something we believe in.

For a foodpreneur there is so much that goes into determining how much we sell our products for. When we sell a bag of cookies for $2.50, a cup of coffee for $3, or  even a meal for $7 we have to think about factors like: 

  • Food Cost

  • Branding and website

  • Labor to grocery shop

  • Cost of goods

  • Labor to cook and assemble

  • Labor to serve

  • A team to pay

  • A family to support

Doesn't that make you stop for a second and give thanks to that cup of coffee from the local coffee shop or the fresh jar of kraut you grabbed at the Farmers Market last week? There is so much in that small price – so much that the foodpreneur is trying to cook and create for you – and how they are supporting their dreams and their families.

So next time you get a chance stop at your local farmers market or shop the LOCAL tags at your grocery store – just know that when you support local it means more to us than you know.

You are helping to make our dreams a reality. 

In gratitude,


In Gratitude is a regular column at The River City News, produced by Rachel DesRochers and others at the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport