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Glier's Meats Cites Tax Reform for Employee Raises, Expansion

Tax reform means big things for Glier’s Meats of Covington—including multiple wage increases for their employees since the law was passed.

Dan Glier, president of Glier’s Meats, explained the impact on his employees.

"We put in some rather nice wage increases since the first of the year,” he said, explaining how he was handing much of the company’s tax savings back to the 29 employees who help make the company strong.

Glier also added that, for the first time in 6 years, Glier’s Meats was successful enough to offer comprehensive health benefits to their employees—something they had offered since the 1950s, but had to roll back in recent years due to the economic climate and burdensome healthcare regulations.

But Glier plans to use his tax savings not just to reward his employees, but to grow and expand his business. Glier’s Meats plans to invest in critical new equipment that will help better position the company for the future—including a $250,000 sausage-stuffing machine that Glier said wouldn’t have happened in 2018 without the savings from tax reform. More machines, which will double productive capacity while shortening the workday for employees, are also being purchased. Glier also plans to replace all the piping in their Kentucky facility with stainless steel—which Glier said isn’t cheap but will last virtually forever.

These projects are made possible because of the savings Glier’s Meats will see under the tax reform bill. “We had a number of projects that were seen as something we could consider doing down the road,” Glier told us. “But because of tax reform, it’s possible to reinvest in the plant and in new equipment now.”

The big investment in the business also means more hiring: in 2018 alone, Glier’s Meats has grown from 25 employees to 29 employees—and still plans to hire another 5 in coming months. That’s an increase of nearly 40 percent.

“Tax reform has changed the economics,” Glier said. “With the ability to recoup taxes, big changes are now possible.”

The growth at Glier's was cited by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the floor of the U.S. Senate. “Just today, Glier’s Meats in Covington, Kentucky is sharing similarly good news. Tax reform is enabling this small business, famous for its German-inspired sausage to make life better for its nearly 30 employees and plant deeper roots in Kenton County. Since the new law passed in December, Glier’s has been able to make capital investments, including new machinery, which is critical to the daily operations of the business," McConnell said.

“They’ve been able to resume offering comprehensive health benefits -- which they had to give up six years ago as costs soared under Obamacare. They’ve been able to significantly increase employee wages, and they’re on track to hire 5 new workers in the coming months. Our Kentucky State Treasurer, Allison Ball, had it just right in a recent column: Quote, ‘Kentuckians have immediately benefited from federal tax reform.’

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