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Man Sentenced for Recording Sexual Assault of Unconscious Underage Girls

A Covington man was sentenced to 70 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to his recording and sexually assaulting unconscious underage girls.
Roy Fitzpatrick, 47, pleaded guilty earlier this year to two counts of first degree sodomy, one count of first degree rape, one count of first degree sexual abuse, three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a minor, and three counts of possession of child pornography.
The investigation started more than two years ago when a teen girl reported a sexual assault to Covington Police. She told detectives that she was suspicious of Fitzpatrick's insistence that no one look at his phone. When Fitzpatrick left his phone unattended, the girl took a look and found two videos of Fitzpatrick sodomizing her while she was obviously unconscious.
A subsequent investigation by Covington Detective Justin Bradbury revealed three homemade videos on Fitzpatrick's mobile phone. Two showed Fitzpatrick sodomizing the girl who first told police. A third showed Fitzpatrick raping a second underage girl who was also unconscious.
Lab testing revealed that each girl had been under the influence of a drug that rendered them unconscious. One victim could be heard snoring during the video.
Fitzpatrick was indicted by the Kenton County Grand Jury and due to the severity of the crime, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office declined to make any plea offers to Fitzpatrick.
He pleaded guilty in April to all charges.
Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders is not releasing any additional details about the victims or the nature of Fitzpatrick's access to the teens in order to protect the victims' identities. Sanders called Fitzpatrick a "serial predator" and said his crimes are "exponentially worse than they appear because one of his two victims was previously a victim of sexual abuse. "Mr. Fitzpatrick knew this young lady had been victimized previously but he still chose to violate her yet again," said Sanders. "The acts of pure evil perpetrated in this case are simply unfathomable!"

On Wednesday, Fitzpatrick appeared again for formal, final sentencing scheduled off the Kenton Circuit Court's regular docket to allow time for victim testimony.
One of Fitzpatrick's victims said it was a lesson that, "Monsters are closer than you think."
Fitzpatrick faced a minimum prison sentence of 20 years. The defense asked the judge for a 25-year sentence. Prosecutor Emily Arnzen called Fitzpatrick's abuse "shocking in its utter lack of humanity and heartlessness" and said justice demands a 70-year sentence, the maximum permitted under Kentucky law.
After hearing all of the testimony and arguments, Judge Gregory Bartlett said, "I see a lot of horrible cases come through this courtroom, but this was at the top of the list! I can't imagine anyone doing this to a child!"
Bartlett then imposed the maximum sentence for each count and ran the counts consecutively until he reached the maximum of 70 years in prison, making certain some counts for each victim were part of the consecutive sentence so each would know Fitzpatrick received time specifically for the abuse perpetrated on each of them.
Under Kentucky law Fitzpatrick will be eligible for parole after serving 20 years in prison but must register for life as a sexual offender. Sanders applauded the work of the police, the prosecutor, and the judge, saying, "The system worked. Everyone did their jobs. Hopefully he never sees the light of day except through prison bars!"

-Staff report, with information from the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office

Photo via Kenton County Detention Center