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BUILD NKY and The Center for Great Neighborhoods Launch Grant Program to Help Reduce Tobacco Use

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has the highest smoking rates of any state in the U.S., and the City of Covington, and Gallatin County’s rates are double the national average.
In an effort to help community members quit smoking in these areas, BUILD NKY and The Center for Great Neighborhoods (The Center) are introducing the Quit for Good Community Grant Program.  This program provides grant funding of $250 to $500 to community members who come up with, and implement creative ways to help reduce and prevent tobacco usage throughout Covington and Gallatin County. 
“We are looking for ideas that bring people together to share information and provide support to people who want to quit smoking, or just give us a better understanding of how to best help people stop smoking” said Kate Greene, Program Manager of Community Development at The Center. “We are encouraged by some of the initial creative ideas that we have already received from the community including stress management, self-love workshops, and a family quit smoking challenge."
The Center understands there are many individual and varied factors as to why people smoke and has expressed that the intent of this program is to engage with the community and communicate concern and support for those who smoke, as well as those who are impacted by second-, and third-hand smoke. 
“We know that it’s not easy to quit smoking," Greene said. “We want our community members to know that we support them in an effort to improve their health, their lives, and the place we call home”. 
Any Covington or Gallatin County residents, students, artists, or workers are eligible to submit their Quit for Good Community Grant proposals that will help The Center reach its goals. Those interested in submitting an idea are encouraged to contact Kate Greene by phone at 859-547-5552 or email her at [email protected]. Applications are available at: