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AP Reports on Aftermath of ICE Raids in Northern Kentucky

The Associated Press published a follow-up to last December's raid of undocumented immigrants in Northern Kentucky.

The River City News reported at the time that federal agents made nine arrests in Covington, six arrests in Florence, four arrests in Newport, two arrests in Walton, and one arrest in Erlanger. Those arrested include twenty men and two women, as well as sixteen people from Guatemala, five from Mexico, and one from Zimbabwe.

Few were publicly identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with making such arrests.

The AP reports:

Families barely getting by lost their only breadwinner. Left-behind wives didn’t know how to hire a lawyer or how they would afford bonds. Volunteers passed out cash so that bills got paid. Children needed meals, clothes and rides to school, and one school consultant says three students came to her, talking about suicide.

South of Covington, the tobacco farms and horse ranches that originally attracted immigrants have given way to steel-walled factories and warehouses. American flags are on display alongside those of each parent company’s home base: Germany, Mexico, South Korea.

Inside one building is Win.It America, a subsidiary of a Chinese company that ships items like car parts and lightbulbs for eBay.

Rick Vaughn helped open this warehouse and expand it, and immigrant labor has been a critical part of that growth. Of his 120 employees, he estimates as many as 80 are native Spanish speakers, mostly from Guatemala, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

“We do like immigrants because they work hard. They appreciate the work, and we appreciate them,” Vaughn says.

You can read the full story here.