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Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton will Voice Series of Kentucky Commercials Featuring the Commonwealth's Culinary Scene

Country music star Chris Stapleton is helping his home state promote itself.
The Kentucky Department of Tourism is featuring Stapleton's voice in a new series of ads. See one of them here.
Stapleton’s distinctive voice will be heard in commercials capturing some of the most recognizable "Kentucky Moments" that shape the state’s culinary tourism scene and unique experiences that make Kentucky a great vacation destination.
Kristen Branscum, a commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Tourism, said the ultimate goal is to draw new visitors to Kentucky who may not know what the state offers beyond horses and bourbon. She said this new campaign will highlight that in a very immersive, emotional way – and Stapleton is just the person to do it.
“The flavors of Kentucky are deeply rooted in history and traditions that are still preserved on tables across the state,” Branscum said. “But today, a crop of incredibly talented chefs and food producers are putting their own modern spin on the classics. The results are delicious and they’re creating a diverse food scene that has really put Kentucky on the culinary map.”
"Not only is he a respected artist who was born and raised here, but he’s incredibly proud of his home state and his upbringing in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky," Branscum continued.
Stapleton was born in Lexington and grew up in the small town of Staffordsville before moving to Nashville to pursue a music career. He has won numerous GRAMMY, CMA, CMT, ACM and Billboard Music Award honors, including 2018 GRAMMY Awards for Best Country Album, Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.
“The passion, sincerity and tone that Chris conveys through his music are a perfect match for the stories we want to tell,” Branscum said. “We are proud to be working with a world-renowned Kentucky artist as the voice of this campaign that will invite people from across the world to his home state. We’re especially excited to welcome new visitors to our state to let them experience why it’s Better in the Bluegrass.” 
-Staff report