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NKY Election 2018: Ballot Takes Shape for November

This article has been updated.

The rest of November's ballot in Northern Kentucky is now official.

The deadline to file for races that did not require participation in the May primary was 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Crowded fields emerged in Taylor Mill, Park Hills, and Villa Hills, three cities that have seen contentious meetings in the past year over various issues.

As of Tuesday morning, some competitive mayoral races emerged in Kenton and Campbell counties.

Councilman Jim Hummeldorf announced during Monday night's city council that he will take on incumbent Fort Mitchell mayor Jude Hehman. The race will be a rematch of the 2014 campaign.

In Ludlow, Councilman Josh Boone will run against incumbent mayor Ken Wynn.

Elsmere Mayor Marty Lenhof will be challenged by Preston Ritter.

Taylor Mill Mayor Dan Bell will face Commissioner Sarah Frietch.

Villa Hills Mayor Butch Callery is being challenged by Heather Jansen.

Park Hills Mayor Matt Mattone followed Erlanger Mayor Tyson Hermes (whose city's candidates filed earlier this year) in opting to run for city council instead of re-election as mayor.

In Campbell County, there will be mayoral races in Alexandria Highland Heights, Wilder, and Melbourne. Some cities failed to yield enough candidates to fill all their council seats, though.

Alexandria Mayor William Rachford will face Councilman Andrew Schabell.

Highland Heights Mayor Gregory Meyers will face a challenge from Councilman David Ramler, while Wilder Mayor Stanley Turner will face Councilman Bob Arnold. Melbourne Mayor Ronnie Walton will face David Charles King.

Here is how the ballot for these races looks as of Tuesday morning in Kenton County (the file sent by the Campbell County Clerk's office could not be opened by RCN, and those races will be added to this article when a new file is received):



MAYOR: Mike Denham (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Tim Wartman (incumbent), Charlie Foulks, Larry Hamant (incumbent), Diane Wartman, Gail Smith (incumbent), Michael Kendall (incumbent), Nancy Kienker (incumbent), David Radford (incumbent).

Crescent Springs

MAYOR: Lou Hartfiel (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Christie Arlinghaus (incumbent), Chad Longbons, Carter Dickerson (incumbent), Vincent Albanese, Bob Mueller (incumbent)

Crestview Hills

MAYOR: Paul Meier (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Bill Dorsey (incumbent), David Kramer (incumbent), Arlene Luebbe (incumbent), Frank Sommerkamp (incumbent), Joe Roesel (incumbent)


MAYOR: John Link (incumbent)

COUNCIL (7 to be elected): Jeff Schreiver (incumbent), Dale Henson (incumbent), Kim Wolking, Ben Barlage (incumbent), Tony Ward (incumbent), Rob Thelen (incumbent), Scott Scholz, Joe Messmer (incumbent), Pete Roush


MAYOR: Marty Lenhof (incumbent), Preston Ritter

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Lisa Mitchell, Joanne Barnett-Smith (incumbent), Nancy Bowman (incumbent), Gloria Grubbs (incumbent), Christopher Wichmann, Billy Bradford (incumbent), Aaron Moore (incumbent), Spencer Auclerc, Alexis Tanner (incumbent)

Fort Mitchell

MAYOR: Jude Hehman (incumbent), Jim Hummeldorf

COUNCIL (7 to be elected): Vicki Boerger (incumbent), Michael Stoeckle (incumbent), Greg Pohlgeers (incumbent), Renee Oka, Franklin Hicks, Mary Burns (incumbent), Scott McVey, Dan Rosing II, Jerry Deatherage, Kim Nachazel (incumbent)

Fort Wright

MAYOR: Dave Hatter (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Margie Witt (incumbent), Dave Abeln (incumbent), Mike Hoerlein (incumbent), Bernie Wessels (incumbent), Scott Wall (incumbent), Adam Feinauer (incumbent)


MAYOR: Chris Reinersman (incumbent), Joe Ulloa

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Carol Franzen (incumbent), Bill Aseere (incumbent), John Deaton (incumbent), Tom Brinker, Greg Waite (incumbent), Lucas Deaton, Amy Engelman (incumbent)

Lakeside Park

MAYOR: David Jansing (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Dennis Landwehr (incumbent), Paul Markgraf (incumbent), Dave Wolfer (incumbent), Brian Waite, Tyler Gastright, Matt Stegman (incumbent), Andy Disken (incumbent), Rebecca Stewart (incumbent)


MAYOR: Ken Wynn (incumbent), Josh Boone

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Julia Terry Navarre, Tom Amann (incumbent), Stephen Chapman, John Gaiser (incumbent), Chris Wright, Bill Mullins, Nancy Deaton Mullins, Samantha Matthews, Tiffany Grider, Wayne Massey, Bill Whiteley (incumbent)

Park Hills

MAYOR: Kathy Zembrodt

COUNCIL: Sarah Froelich, Kevin Theissen, Wesley Deters, Jason Reser (incumbent), Pamela Spoor (incumbent), Steve Elkins (incumbent), Monty O'Hara, Joe Shields, Karl Oberjohn (incumbent), Matt Mattone

Taylor Mill

MAYOR: Dan Bell (incumbent), Sarah Frietch

COMMISSION (4 to be elected): Caroline Braden, Mark Kreimborg (incumbent), Rose Merritt, Ed Kuehne, Dan Murray (incumbent), Phil Peace (incumbent), Julie Kirkpatrick, Matthew Martin, Roger Reis

Villa Hills

MAYOR: Butch Callery (incumbent), Heather Jansen

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Rod Baehner, Suzanne Wadsworth, Gregory Kilburn (incumbent), Seth Thompson, Scott Ringo (incumbent), Jim Cahill, Cathy Stover, Jennifer Vaden (incumbent), George Bruns (incumbent), Mary Koenig (incumbent), Adam Zepf, Gary Waugaman (incumbent), Jason Phillips

Beechwood Board of Education (3 to be elected):

Jeanne Berger (incumbent)

Brad Hood (incumbent)

Anisa Willis

Norine Sullivan (incumbent)

Bryan Bishop

Kenton Co. Board of Education - District 3

Jesica Jehn (incumbent)

Kenton Co. Board of Education - District 4

Joshua Crabtree (incumbent)

Shannon Herold

Covington Board of Education (2 to be elected):

Jerry Avery (incumbent)

Sarah Flerlage

Eric Sherwood

Erlanger-Elsmere Board of Education (3 to be elected):

Robin Cooper (incumbent)

Sarah Shackelford (incumbent)

Bert Brown 

Tom Luken (incumbent)

Ludlow Board of Education (2 to be elected):

Bill McMillen (incumbent)

Kym King

Amy Hayden (incumbent)



MAYOR: William Rachford (incumbent), Andy Schabell

COUNCIL (Elect 6): Bob Simon (incumbent), Susan Vanlandingham (incumbent), Kyle Sparks, Stacey Graus (incumbent), Scott Fleckinger (incumbent), Thomas Baldridge, Joe Anderson, Jean Michael Beaupre, Sue Stein Neltner (incumbent)

Cold Spring

MAYOR: Angelo Penque (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Chris Dennis Meyers, Paul Kloeker, Chris Ampfer (incumbent), Gregory Wieland, Stephen Roach, Lisa Ann Schmidt-Cavanaugh (incumbent), Michael D. Ruscher (incumbent), Brenda Rogers Helton (incumbent), Adam Craig Sandfoss (incumbent), Cindy Moore

Highland Heights

MAYOR: Gregory Meyers (incumbent), David Paul Ramler

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Jeanne Pettit (incumbent), Gary Chinn (incumbent), John Hoffert (incumbent), Debroah Ball (incumbent), Rene Heinrich, Virgil Miller


MAYOR: Ronnie Walton (incumbent), David Charles King

COMMISSION (4 to be elected): Edith Horstman, Karen Daley, Paul Landwehr (incumbent), Joanne Layman

Silver Grove

MAYOR: Neal Bedel (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Jill Fessler (incumbent), Herb Rardin, Scott McCarter, Dan Gindele (incumbent), Anita Reed, Jennifer Helton, Joe Pelle (incumbent), Corey Pelle


MAYOR: Jim Hamberg (incumbent)

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Patricia Ann Haley (incumbent), Joe Anderson (incumbent), Leanna Homandberg, Daniel Speier (incumbent), Chris Robisch (incumbent), Geno Blanchet


MAYOR: Stanley Turner (incumbent), Bob Arnold

COUNCIL (6 to be elected): Jim Profitt (incumbent), Bob Blankenship (incumbent), Sandra Ruschman-Decker (incumbent), Valerie Jones (incumbent), Robert Honaker (incumbent), Kelly Meiser

Campbell Co. Board of Education - District 1

Janis Winbigler

Campbell Co. Board of Education - District 4

Peggy Schultz

Campbell Co. Board of Education - District 5 (unexpired term)

Rich Mason

Bellevue Board of Education (3 to be elected)

Jenny Swope Hazeres (incumbent)

Dan Sparks (incumbent)

Dan Swope (incumbent)

Jenn Owens

Dayton Board of Education (3 to be elected)

Carrie Downard (incumbent)

Diane Gunning Huff (incumbent)

Fort Thomas Board of Education (3 to be elected)

Lisa Duckworth (incumbent)

John Thomas Weyer (incumbent)

Ann Meyer

Bradley Fennell (incumbent)

Newport Board of Education (2 to be elected)

Christopher Maloney

Sylvia Covington

Ramona Malone (incumbent)

Matt Scott (incumbent)

Shane Gosney

Silver Grove Board of Education (3 to be elected)

Jason Stewart (incumbent)

Maurice Paul Hehman III

Tonya Ziegler McCarter

Jennifer Steidel Jones (incumbent)

Nikki Brown (incumbent)

Silver Grove Board of Education (1 to be elected - unexpired term)

Kathryn Dee

Shannon Turner (incumbent)

Southgate Board of Education (3 to be elected)

James Specht (incumbent)

Drue Miller

William Shockney (incumbent)