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Edgewood Gets New Council Member

Kim Wolking is the new member of Edgewood city council.

Her new colleagues selected her from a group of eleven candidates to replace Nancy Atkinson, who relocated out of town.

Wolking has lived in Edgewood for forty years, moving to the city when she was in sixth grade. She stayed in Edgewood when she married, and has raised her twin daughters there.

Her daughters graduated from Northern Kentucky University last December and are now embarking on new careers in teaching and accounting.

Wolking is no stranger to the Edgewood city building, spending five years as deputy city clerk and sixteen years as recreation director.

She is now recreation director at the City of Erlanger.

When the councul vacancy emerged, Wolking saw it as an opportunity to continue her volunteer activities.

"I really miss being in Edgewood," she said. "Since I work part-time, and the girls are off on their own, I have been looking for something to do to give back. I thought maybe this is the right time, and the right thing to do. So they called and asked me to interview, and then they called again when they narrowed the list down to four people. Then when they told me I was the one they picked, I was very happy."

Wolking has worked with Mayor John Link for years, and knows many of the council members, mentioning that Tony Ward is her neighbor, and Dale Henson, Joe Messmer, and Jeff Schreiver have been acquaintances for years.

"All of our candidates were well qualified," said Mayor John Link. "I was very pleased when council told me they had chosen Kim for the position. Since she has been employed here, she has a working knowledge of the internal and external workings of the city, so she has a good running start. She will be a great part of the team of council members."

Wolking will be sworn in at the regular council meeting on August 20.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor