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Baptist Life Communities Will Host Alzheimer's and Dementia Panel Workshop for Caregivers

The Baptist Life Communities (BLC) will host a free panel workshop titled Alzheimer’s Through My Eyes at 1pm on Wednesday, September 5, at The Seasons at Alexandria - the organizations new state-of-the-art Senior Living Community, located on E Alexandria Pike, Alexandria. 


The panel is composed of professionals and family who medically, socially, spiritually and personally have experienced the life changing impact of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Speakers on the panel include Dr. Scott Becker, a neurologist at Riverhills Neuroscience; Rev. Marian Boyer, Chaplain at St. Elizabeth Healthcare; Janet Milne, an RN at Greater Cincinnati Alzheimer’s Association; Erin Koshover, a social worker at the BLC Village Care Center; and Lynda Schunder, a caregiver.


Panel presenters will share their perspective with relevant and updated information to provide other caregivers, families, volunteers and the community with practical and helpful resources.


If interested in attending, please RSVP to Lynda Schunder at: (859) 283-8618 or [email protected]


Complimentary Respite care will be provided during the workshop.


-Staff report