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Report: Former NKU Athletic Director Stole $311,000

Former Northern Kentucky University Athletic Director Scott Eaton misappropriated a total of $311,215, according to a report released Thursday by the Highland Heights school.

NKU President Geoffrey Mearns issued the findings of law firm Dinsmore & Stohl in a letter to the Board of Regents Chair Dennis Reppening.

Eaton was fired on March 18 when allegations of misconduct first emerged and then in early April it was revealed that he had had inappropriate relationships with staff members and students.

Ken Bothof was named athletic director in July.

The nature of Eaton's alleged misappropriation includes $262,000 worth of purchases at a local Kroger. "The majority of Eaton's fraudulent conduct occurred by him purchasing gift cards at a local Kroger store with his University procurement card and then using the gift cards for his personal use," Mearns wrote in his letter. 

An additional $49,000 was used in an alleged scheme that involved Eaton buying items with his procurement card, copying the receipt, and returning the item to the store for full credit.

Those transactions happened between January 2007 and March 2013. 

Dinsmore & Stohl used the help of accounting firm Clark Schaefer Hackett in producing the report released today.

Photo: NKU Soccer Field/via NKU

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